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Use this area to sketch your Banner or Sign. Please remember that artwork needs to be proportional to the product it will be printed on.


Custom Banners and Signs
Show Us! A picture is worth 1,000 words.

  • This sketch area will go a long way in helping us make you happy!
  • We'll use it to design a product to make you and your event look great!
  • Other helpful information for you to give us is...

1. Tell us the font for the wording on your banner or sign (font list on artwork page):

You can have more than one font. Please indicate other fonts on the sketch.

2. Are all the letters in upper case? Specify by writing in upper case and lower case as you would like them printed on your final product.

3. Need a Removable Vinyl Section for information that will change from year to year? Click here for a selection of sizes and colors. Just indicate which area should be removable and the wording on it. Remember to include the part number and price on your order form.

4. Do you want a logo or artwork on it? Please indicate on this sketch where you want the logo or artwork placed and the general size you would like them to be.

5. Please indicate on your sketch the colors for all the words and graphics.

6. Are there are any borders that you would like? We have a selection of existing designs on the artwork page. Just indicate where you want it placed.


Finished Design!