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A newspaper ad is gone the next day, a radio ad disappears in 30 seconds A sign in your window will be seen by thousands and will last for months and will cost less Try a special offer put the sign in the window and watch the sales climb! Bright Fluorescent Paper Put excitement into our visuals with attention-getting fluorescent paper. This paper is a great choice for announcements and special events Available in black print on yellow, orange, lime green, green, red, pink 36"X xxx... paper. Use fluorescent paper when you need bright signage -- it is sure to grab attention quickly. Use fluorescent paper to create output such as sales promotions, announcements, posters, and directional signs. Fluorescent paper is designed for indoor use.




With Black Ink



 Fluorescent Paper Sign Prices


Prices Include Design, Proof, Up to 1-Color Ink, Any Text


3' ft

4' ft

5' ft

6' ft

36" Width





PRICE: for multiple quantities, call 313-366-5566 or e-mail for a special quote.