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A company logo is your name, your "branding", your image, so you want the best look possible, right? A logo will be seen everywhere, from letterheads and envelopes to signs and advertisements. What can make your logo stand out from the rest of the pack? The same thing that can make or break your business, Concord Signs will work with you to design the most professional, eye catching, yet eye pleasing logo at a price you can afford, in the time you need it. Let Concord Signs take the added burden of designing and laying out a logo off of your hands, so you can spend your time where you need it most, on your business. Notice the difference in the white/black and a color/gradient logo. A point to remember when choosing or designing your logo: The black/ white can be easily shrunk down to fit on letterheads, envelopes, or business cards. The color/gradient logo is a bad choice for that type of logo, because when shrunk, the majority of the time, the colors will blend, and words are hard to read. The color/gradient is better for larger displays, such as signs, flyers, or advertisements. Full color or Illustrated logos are totally different from either of the above because, they are full color, can have practically any graphic illustration or typeface, and can even look like they have actual depth and weight, like the bottom logo.