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   Concord Signs is committed to producing quality products. We offer an impressive selection of intermediate and high performance vinyl colors. In addition we stock a wide assortment of sign substrates selected for professional appearance and durability.

Recommendations and Care for Polly Banners

INSTALLATION: Use Strong ropes, bungee, snap hooks, cable, etc. Attach and pull the ropes horizontally not diagonally. Keep tension in all four corners with whatever you use to tie your banner. If a rope becomes slack go back and tighten it. Excess flapping of a banner results in tears, cracking, and delaminating.

CONSTRUCTION: This Polly banner is woven from 900 denier polyethylene tape with a 1.5 ml. coating designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

DURABILITY: Many months when hung correctly: secured with tension from all four corners and checked regularly.

STRENGTH: Polly Banner material has a tear strength of 30 lb. per inch. Compare this to a 10 oz. vinyl at 28 lb.

STORAGE: ALWAYS roll your Polly Banner like a poster. Never fold it in half.

Recommendations and Care for Magnetic Signs

APPLICATION: Magnetic signs hold best to flat surfaces and surfaces reasonably curved in one direction. When the magnet is placed in the wrong position, remove the magnet and realign. Do NOT pull the magnet to realign when it is against the surface, as the magnet may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength.

CLEANING: Some moisture and dirt will collect between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in outside applications (vehicle signs). Remove and clean both the magnet and surface with a mild detergent and allow to dry. For vehicle signs, repeat the cleaning at least once a month. To protect the new clear coat/base coat and vinyl surfaces present on new cars and trucks, we RECOMMEND daily removal of magnetic signs. We do not recommend applying magnetic signs to repainted surfaces.

STORAGE: The best way to store the magnetic signs are FLAT. Never magnet to magnet. Always store magnetic sheeting in a clean and dry environment.
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How to Apply Vinyl Signs

1. Vinyl should be applied only when the air and work-surface temperatures are above 55 degrees.

2. Clean the surface where the sign is to be applied, using Windex or another commercial glass cleaner. For best results, mix your own solution using two parts water to one part isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth.

3. Measure carefully and outline the area where the sign will be applied. Making sure your horizontal lines are level will assure a level application of your vinyl sign.

4. Lay your sign upside-down on a clean surface. Peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive.

5. Spray a light layer of soapy water onto the area that you prepared in steps 2 and 3, and apply the adhesive side of the vinyl to the surface. The soapy water enables you to adjust the sign slightly to assure a straight application. Once the sign is straight, use a small squeegee to remove any excess soapy water from behind the vinyl.

6. Let the adhesive set for a few minutes, and then remove the tape from the front of the vinyl. Poke any large air bubbles with a pin and smooth. Smaller bubbles will disappear on their own in a week or two.
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