Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Dumpster Rental Questions
Q1. May I cancel or change my order?  ?
A. To make any changes with your order, please call 313-350-4826. When speaking with a representative you'll need the service address available to complete the cancellation or change process. Please allow one business day for the implementation of your order change. As per terms of your agreement, a fee will be charged in the event of cancellation.

Q2. What if my rental container is too small?  ?
A. Please be familiar with the available dumpster sizes when placing your order. In the event that you run out of room before your project is finished, feel free to call customer service at 313-350-4826. Please have your order number ready. There may be additional charges for further service.

Q3. May I change the date(s) of needed container service? ?
A. Yes. Please call 313-350-4826 one business day in advance to make the change. We will need to know the location of your service and the order number to process the date alteration.

Q4. May I change the location of container service? ?
A. Yes. Call 313-350-4826 one business day prior to making the request to change locations. You must have both your original service location and replacement service location ready. Be aware that location changes can alter the price of service.

Q5. Must I order in advance? ?
A. Available dates are displayed on the online calendar, which you can see when ordering through the web site. Please order one business day in advance when ordering online, as it may take 24 hours for processing. As there is no guaranteed delivery time, we highly recommend scheduling delivery one day beforehand if the container is needed early in the morning.

Q6. Can you make emergency deliveries? ?
A. Possibly. Depending on your location and our availability, we may be able to accommodate immediate need. Be aware that there may be additional fees. Please allow 36 hours for processing all online orders, as per terms and conditions.

Q7. Are you available 24 hours? ?
A. In some cases, depending on your location and our availability, we may be able to serve you within 24 hours. Be aware that there may be additional fees. Please allow 36 hours for processing all online orders, as per terms and conditions.

Q8. Can I have a second haul? ?
A. Second time haul away is available, though you will be charged the initial quote over again for a repeat haul with the same container product.

Q9. What if I am not ready for delivery or removal when the driver comes to either drop off the container or pick it up? ?
A. You can change your order by calling 313-350-4826. Please have your service location and order number ready. Containers kept beyond the agreed upon rental period will incur additional charges.

Q10. May I keep the container longer or get it removed sooner than initially stated? ?
A. Please make any trash dumpster rental dates changes online or by calling 313-350-4826. Have your service location and order number ready. Containers kept beyond the agreed upon rental period will incur additional charges.

Q11. Must I or someone else be at the service location when my container is delivered/picked up? ?
A. We prefer someone to be onsite for drop off or pick up, though it is not necessary. Our drivers make every effort to place the container in the safest, most accessible spot at delivery. If no onsite contact is available at delivery, you will be charged for any necessary dumpster relocation. Your agreement includes providing unobstructed access to the container at pick up. If you do not provide this, there may be additional charges.

Q12. How many tons can I put in my container? ?
A. Please be familiar with the terms and conditions of your agreement with Northstar One Dumpsters and contact a service representative at 313-350-4826 with any questions. Be aware that materials like dirt and concrete might be heavier than garbage, aluminum, wood or vinyl. Never fill a container above water level, even if the material is very light.

Q13. Are there charges for extra weight? ?
A. Yes. If your container holds more weight than agreed upon in your order, additional chargers will apply.

Q14. What are the available payment options?  ?
A. Northstar One Dumpsters accepts MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express. Please have your credit card ready when placing or changing an order. We are also able to accept checks over the phone.

Q15. What is included with the basic price? ?
A. Your fee includes one-time delivery and pick-up for the agreed upon container size along with standard disposal, fuel, and taxes. All rubbish will go to a licensed and approved disposal facility.

Q16. Will the container cause damage to my driveway? ?
A. We strongly recommend that you protect the surface the container will sit upon with a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. It is part of your agreement to confirm that the area provided for the container is able to bear the weight of our equipment and vehicles. We are not responsible for any damage to private surfaces or roadways involved in drop off of the container, as per the agreement.

Q17. Can the container be placed on the street? ?
A. Please check your local rules and regulations for permits and licenses regarding trash container placement.

Q18. How much space is required for the container and drop off/pick up? ?
A. This depends on the size of container you are renting. We recommend allowing space that equals double the height and width of the rented container.

Q19. Which materials are unacceptable to put in roll-off containers?  ?
A. You are responsible for putting only appropriate waste in your rental container. Specific terms may apply depending on your location. The following items could be considered hazardous waste and are not appropriate: aerosol cans, all liquids, animals, antifreeze, appliances, asbestos, barrels, batteries, chemical products, computers, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), dirt, fluorescent tubes, herbicides & pesticides, industrial waste, medical waste, microwaves, monitors, motor oil, oil filters, other flammable liquids, petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips, paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids), propane tanks, radioactive material, railroad ties, solvents, televisions, tires, and transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/oil filters. No materials may be reaching above the top of the container.