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Dibond is an affordable, aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two lightweight sheets of .010" aluminum
with a thermoplastic core.  It is currently stocked in 4' x 8' sheets, coil coated with white polyester paint.

Dibond is impact and fire resistant
and is waterproof. Also has the benefit of being extremely lightweight.

  • Dibond panels consist of a core of low density polyethylene machine-bonded between
    two outer skins of aluminum. This balanced sandwich construction produces a very
    rigid yet optically-flat panel.

  • Water and sponge or soft brush are all that is required to clean Dibond. In severe
    cases, alkali-free cleansing detergents may be added to the water.

  • Dibond panels can be cut to size by sawing or shearing: more complicated shapes can
    be produced using a jig or band saw.